Frequently Asked Questions

What can do for me?

S.E.E. help you find a suitable companion to accompany you on your journey.

How does build a supporting community? is an inclusive online dating site supported by relationship forums, retreats, seminars, and workshops. Annual conferences will highlight the culmination of the message contained in S.E.E. for all its members.

What makes different from other dating sites?

S.E.E. has a very high regard for each member’s privacy and security.

  • Background check for registered sexual offender and domestic violence
  • Profile hacking safeguard – password plus security question to change profile data
  • Photo verification

Why is an access code necessary to join

To become a subscriber, an access code must be secured through a site sponsored event or a designated site ambassador.

What does offer in terms of follow-up?

  • Become a subscriber at a site sponsored event
  • Annual and semi-annual conferences
  • Personal relationship development
  • Relationship forums
  • Retreats, seminars, and workshops

Who is the target audience?

Many mature minded individuals have arrived at a point in life where they face the reality of being alone, while desiring companionship and a meaningful connection with other mature minded, emotionally stable adults. Our target audience is mature minded and knows with certainty they want to explore life! Mature minded adults want new perspectives and fresh understandings, to continue to feel vital, needed, and desired.

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